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> Why isn’t anyone’s head blowing up over the Let’s Encrypt stats?

Because those stats don't show anything worth blowing up ones head over.  I
don't see anything in them that indicates that those 14,000 certificates --
or even one certificate, for that matter --was issued without validating
control over the domain name(s) indicated in the certificates.

EV and DV serve different purposes, and while DV is more-or-less solving the
problem it sets out to solve, the credible evidence presented shows that EV
does not solve any problem that browsers are interested in.

> If people think “EV is broken” they must think DV is stuck in hell with
> broken legs.

Alternately, people realise that EV and DV serve different purposes through
different methods, and thus cannot be compared in the trivial and flippant
way you suggest.

- Matt

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