The last change I am proposing for version 2.7 of the Mozilla Root Store
policy is an update to the minimum versions of audit criteria that we will
accept in audits. I have conferred with the WebTrust Task Force and was
informed that we can update the minimum version requirements for audit
statements received after December 2019 as follows:

WebTrust for CA – instead of v2.0 use v2.2
WebTrust for BL+NSR – instead of v2.2 use v2.4.1
WebTrust for EVSSL – instead of v1.6.0 use v1.6.8

I asked the same question to ETSI representatives and was told that the
following changes are appropriate:

ETSI EN 319 411-1 - instead of v1.1.1 use v1.2.2
ETSI EN 319 411-2 - instead of v2.1.1 use v2.2.2

I have made these changes at
(I also update the links in a later commit)

This is

I will greatly appreciate everyone's feedback - especially from any CAs or
auditors for which these changes may cause problems.

- Wayne
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