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It has become clear that the original certlint/cablint repository ( is no longer being maintained. At Sectigo we still use cablint as one of our preissuance linters, and we've been running into more and more problems with cablint's stale PSL data and one or two out-of-date lints. We think it's useful to have multiple, independent certificate linting implementations, and so we believe that certlint/cablint still has value. Consequently, Sectigo Management has asked me to maintain a fork of the certlint/cablint repository. Here it is:

Collaborators would be very welcome!

BTW, is now using this new certlint fork.

On 13/05/2020 17:23, Zakir Durumeric via dev-security-policy wrote:
Hi all,
Earlier this year, we began publishing semantically versioned ZLint releases 
based on several requests from CAs. Yesterday, we tagged 2.1.0-RC1 
(, which includes the 
first batch of Mozilla Root Store Policy lints.

We have created a new minimal-traffic announcement list, which is where we will 
be announcing releases and other major project updates in the future:!forum/zlint-announcements.



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