We would like to inform you that a restructuring of the group structure of our 
parent company, which owns 100 percent of D-Trust GmbH, is planned for December 
2020. This restructuring has a purely formal character. However, for the sake 
of good order, we would like to report on it here. 
First of all: There will be no changes in the formal ownership structure of 
D-Trust GmbH. 
In detail: today's Bundesdruckerei GmbH, which already owns 100 percent of 
D-Trust GmbH, will be renamed Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH. The core business of 
the former Bundesdruckerei GmbH will be transferred to Bundesdruckerei Gruppe 
GmbH’s daughter company BIS Bundesdruckerei International Services GmbH and 
this company will subsequently be renamed Bundesdruckerei GmbH. This entire 
process has no effect on D-Trust GmbH, as it will continue to be owned by 
Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH (formerly Bundesdruckerei GmbH). All acting persons 
at D-Trust GmbH as well as at Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH remain the same. The 
ownership of Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH will not change. This remains the 
German state, represented by the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

Enrico Entschew
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