This is to announce the beginning of the public discussion phase (, (Steps 4
through 9)) of the Mozilla root CA inclusion process for e-commerce
monitoring GmbH’s GLOBALTRUST 2020 Root CA.

e-commerce monitoring operates as "GlobalTrust", which was previously
operated by Austrian Society for Data Protection - Arge Daten. According to
the Applicant, Arge-Daten was the owner of the older "GlobalTrust" roots,
which are not part of this application. This application has been tracked
in the CCADB and in Bugzilla -

e-commerce monitoring’s GLOBALTRUST 2020 Root is proposed for inclusion
with the websites trust bit (with EV) and the email trust bit.

Mozilla is considering approving e-commerce monitoring’s request. This
email begins the 3-week comment period, after which, if no concerns are
raised, we will close the discussion and the request may proceed to the
approval phase (Step 10).

*A Summary of Information Gathered and Verified appears here in this CCADB

*Root Certificate Information:*


Download -


Current CP is Version 2.0h / 15th January 2021

Current CPS is Version 2.0h / 15th January 2021

Repository location:

*BR Self-Assessment* (PDF) is located here:


2020 audits are attached to Bug # 1627552
<> and include the Key
Generation Report, the EV Readiness Audit, and the ETSI Audit Attestation,
which covered the period from 06/11/2019 until 04/01/2020. The next audit
is due 04/01/2021.

No misissuances were found under this root, and all subordinate
certificates passed technical tests satisfactorily.

Again, this email begins a three-week public discussion period, which I’m
scheduling to close on or about 26-February-2021.

Sincerely yours,

Ben Wilson

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