Sorry for being late to this discussion, but I feel the need to remind
everyone of the infamous OpenSSL licensing problem, i.e. the fact that
the SSLeay license it is (partially) covered by is considered
GPL-incompatible by many -- including (among others) the Debian project.
This affects not only OpenSSL itself, but also all forks, including
*ring* AIUI.

While I guess this is not a problem for Servo as a standalone "product"
(though I guess it might, if it ever decides to link to some GPL library
for better platform integration for example?), I consider it a serious
problem for anyone trying to build other things on top of Servo
components -- effectively breaking the promise that everything in Servo
can be used under MIT-like and/or MPL terms. This is even more serious
when considering the Rust ecosystem as a whole.

In view of this, I believe anything directly or indirectly based on
OpenSSL and its derivates cannot be considered a viable option.

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