Hi! Sorry to hear that you're having troubles building Servo. The minimum amount of RAM required to build Servo appears to be at least 4gb right now; you can try running `./mach build -d -j1` and see if there's any improvement. Keep in mind that builds can go 10-20 minutes sometimes without any change in output if you are nearing the limits of available RAM.


On 2016-10-13 7:22 PM, Balakundi Shravan Achar wrote:
Hello all,

We are a group of 3 students who would be working on implementing image
maps feature on servo. I am Shravan and our team has Sonal and Sweekrut. We
are very excited to be part of this.

We have started taking small steps with the project already. We are
currently facing issues with building servo on Ubuntu 16.04. We have also
tried to build servo on Fedora, but haven't been able to do so. The system
hangs indefinitely and we are forced to abort. Are there any specific
machine requirements other than the ones mentioned on the github page
(Minimum RAM?) ? Please let us know.


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