I sent these messages to the webtools mailing list, but it doesn't seem to
be very active, so I'm hoping there will be a bit more feedback here (read:

I'm hoping to get a bit of feedback on an idea for a Summer of Code
> project.  David Mandelin suggested [1] combining Dehydra and MXR to give it
> abilities which have previously been discussed on this list: ie. clicking on
> a variable name takes you to its definition, or hovering over it will show
> you its type in a tooltip.  Contextual information like this will make MXR
> far more powerful than it currently is, and without having taken a look at
> either the Dehydra or MXR codebases yet, I feel like it might make a
> reasonable SoC project to hook them up and produce some meaningful output.
> Any comments from those more knowledgeable than I?
> Cheers,
> Josh

In the hopes of generating a bit of feedback, I've attached a mockup of what
the new Dehydra+MXR fusion interface could look like.  I envision it as a
box that appears when you hover over an identifier that is AJAX-ically
loaded with the conxtextual information from Dehydra.  There could easily be
a keybinding to toggle the hints if they keep getting in the way, and this
way would avoid slowing down page load times with all of the extra
information.  What kind of links or text would be best to place in the hint,
though? I've used the example described on David Mandelin's post [1] to
illustrate what I'm getting at.


[1] http://blog.mozilla.com/dmandelin/2008/03/03/mxr-your-dehydra/

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