Hi Again,
I've still been working on getting all the PKI functionality working
inside my XulRunner 1.8 based browser in Eclipse. I came across the
Chrome url: chrome://pippki/content/certManager.xul which is exactly
what I wanted to manage the PKI store.

Unfortunately every button works except for the "Import" button. i.e.
I click it and nothing happens, no errors no nothing. In regular
firefox/mozilla, all is good and it works as expected, but in the
embedded XulRunner browser I get nothing. I've tried clicking it both
when I am and am not logged into the keystore and it makes no

Does anyone know of any prerequisites that need to be set for this to
work? Is there anyway to debug it to find out why it is failing?

FYI I'm running XulRunner 1.8 /i.e. Firefox 2. In Eclipse 3.4.

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