Using VS 2015 and MozillaBuild 2.2.0, the building finished successfully.

In addition, I don't get proper reference for building NSS with VS 2017 and
the latest MozillaBuild (3.3.1).
By default, the last MozillaBuild cannot find VC++ and Windows Kits. It may
have to setup some environment variables.

Best regards,
John Jiang

2018-01-12 14:21 GMT+08:00 John Jiang <>:

> Hi,
> I need to build NSS with VS 2013 and MozillaBuild 2.2.0.
> Just found the building failed on NSS 3.33 and 3.34.1, exactly many libs,
> like nss3, ssl3, were missing.
> But the building looked fine on NSS 3.32.1.
> Does that mean the NSS versions later than 3.32.1 cannot be built with
> VS2013?
> Best regards,
> John Jiang
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