Firstly, I apologise if I'm sending this to the wrong mailing list.

I have recently been attempting to cross compile NSS 3.25.1 for an armv5
system running Linux and glibc 2.8. I know this is an old
platform, but I am unable to update it. I'm compiling from an x86_64
host. I haven't been able to find definitive instructions for cross
compiling NSS, so I resorted to editing coreconf/Linux.mk and
coreconf/arch.mk to hard-code the kernel version and architecture - I'm
sure this is not the right way to do it.

The build gets a fair way, but eventually fails with:

Linux2.6_arm_glibc_PTH_DBG.OBJ/pkcs11.o: In function `nsc_CommonInitialize':
/home/wmt/Downloads/nss-3.25.1/nss/lib/softoken/pkcs11.c:3022: undefined
reference to `pthread_atfork'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

I checked my armv5 rootfs, and pthread.h is present and contains a
definition for pthread_atfork, so I'm not sure what the cause of this
error is. My build command is:

USE_SYSTEM_ZLIB=1 ZLIB_LIBS=-lz CC="arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc
--sysroot=/home/wmt/nas-sysroot" CXX="arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-g++
--sysroot=/home/wmt/nas-sysroot" LD="arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-ld
--sysroot=/home/wmt/nas-sysroot" LDFLAGS="-lpthread"

Does anyone have any pointers for me? I would very much appreciate it if
someone could help me with this.


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