Accumulo Developers,

The following is a *test* candidate (no need to vote) for Accumulo 1.9.0.
Please use it for testing and determining what else needs to be done before
a 1.9.0 release.

Git Commit:

If this vote passes, a gpg-signed tag will be created using:
    git tag -f -m 'Apache Accumulo 1.9.0' -s rel/1.9.0

Staging repo:
Source (official release artifact):
(Append ".sha1", ".md5", or ".asc" to download the signature/hash for a
given artifact.)

All artifacts were built and staged with:
    mvn release:prepare && mvn release:perform

Signing keys are available at
(Expected fingerprint: 8CC4F8A2B29C2B040F2B835D6F0CDAE700B6899D)

Release notes (in progress) can be found at:

Please vote one of:
[ ] +1 - I have verified and accept...
[ ] +0 - I have reservations, but not strong enough to vote against...
[ ] -1 - Because..., I do not accept...
... these artifacts as the 1.9.0 release of Apache Accumulo.

This vote will remain open until at least Mon Feb 26 18:30:00 UTC 2018
(Mon Feb 26 13:30:00 EST 2018 / Mon Feb 26 10:30:00 PST 2018).
Voting continues until the release manager sends an email closing the vote.


P.S. Hint: download the whole staging repo with
    wget -erobots=off -r -l inf -np -nH \
    # note the trailing slash is needed

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