I did post this on ActiveMQ users group but sadly i didnt get a reply.
Trying my luck in developers forum..

This could probably be an issue on the ActiveMQ's QueueBrowser side.
ActiveMQ's Queue Browser API returns messages list that includes the ones
which currently getting processed by a consumer (not sent the
acknowledgment). I have seen this behaviour in ActiveMQ 5.13.3 and 5.14.1 

To replicate this issue following needs to be done. 

1. Publish 3 messages to queue Test 
2. In a stand alone code have a message listener which goes to sleep call of
onMessage() (sleep for 10 mins) (Session is transacted false and Auto
3. In a different Stand alone code have a queue browser code with no
selector specified. 

We can see that QueueBrowser returns all the three messages instead of 2. 

I am not sure if this behaviour is right or wrong but does differ from how
Weblogic JMS and HornetQ work (not sure about how the behaviour is in
Artemis etc etc). 

If this is not an issue and a product feature itself. Is there a way (by way
of selector etc etc) i can get only those messages from QueueBrowser which
are there in queue and not getting processed by any of the consumers ? 

If need be i can provide the code to replicate the issue. 

Thank you in advance..


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