It would be nice to have a direction from Apache Foundation on Containers.

I will reach to infra tomorrow or the day after (since I planned to do
an Artemis release tomorrow)

@Victor: It would be nice to make your work official here... would
appreciate any help if we can move this forward.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 2:17 AM, Victor <> wrote:
> I have been maintaining a docker image for quite a while:
> (> 100k pulls)
> It does work, its fairly configurable, supports Ubuntu and Alpine (big deal
> for the docker community) and I'm happy to make changes if anyone feels
> there is area for improvement.
> This said, we kinda already had this discussion, see thread I started back
> in 11/7/16: *Contributing to the Apache Docker Account*.
> But things were rather confusing regarding that Apache docker account back
> then.
> I was mostly talking to John D. Ament, that seemed pretty knowledgeable
> about the account and about what was expected.
> John if you are reading, perhaps you could let us know how things are right
> now in that regard?
> 2018-03-01 11:20 GMT-08:00 Clebert Suconic <>:
>> On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 12:08 PM, Arthur Naseef <> wrote:
>> > I know how to create a docker image, and do so with a maven build.
>> >
>> > And getting an image into a registry isn't too hard.  That's the "docker
>> > push" command.  I suspect the docker-maven-plugin may be able to do that
>> as
>> > part of a build.
>> >
>> > The part I don't know is how it can be published to a central docker
>> > registry.  May be as simple as setting up an account on the central
>> server.
>> Yes.. that's the thing I'm wondering. I was wondering if there was an
>> apache account we could use. or if we would need to create an account
>> for activemq.
>> >
>> > As for making it part of the release - I think it would be great to have
>> a
>> > public docker image updated on every release.  However, I wouldn't want
>> to
>> > make it part of the main Artemis build (i.e. "mvn clean install" from the
>> > activemq-artemis.git root) since the main deliverable from Apache
>> projects
>> > is the source, and requiring everyone who builds Artemis to have docker
>> and
>> > build the image seems like overkill.
>> That's what I expected. I was just wondering if there was an apache
>> precedent on that. Docker becomes a binary distribution on that sense.

Clebert Suconic

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