Hi all,

Latest documentation is still containing a warning:

The Apache ActiveMQ Artemis JDBC persistence store is under development and
is included for evaluation purposes./

Is it still true?

Why is it just for evaluation?

Is it scheduled to be resolved soon? If yes, in which version it will be

The list of supported database seems to be obsolete, because I saw that
there are already implementations for derby and oracle persistence, which
are not mentioned in the documentation.

Documentation also contains:

/Address full policy Paging is currently not supported./

Does it mean, we will run out of memory, if to much messages are in the
database or is it only not possible to set a max size limit for a specific

We need to enqueue and dequeue text messages with up to 5 MB. We are not
using any message selectors or other features like topics.

I already tried to get answer from end users, but I did not get any reply.
Maybe someone of you can answer my questions.

Please let me know, if this is the wrong place for that kind of question and
forward me to the right location.

Best Regards

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