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    @RaiSaurabh We have an [hacking 
that explain:
    > When you commit your changes you will need to supply a commit message. We 
follow the 50/72 git commit message format. An ActiveMQ Artemis commit message 
should be formatted in the following manner:
    > Add the ARTEMIS JIRA (if one exists) followed by a brief description of 
the change in the first line. This line should be limited to 50 characters.
    > Insert a single blank line after the first line.
    > Provide a detailed description of the change in the following lines, 
breaking paragraphs where needed. These lines should be wrapped at 72 
    > An example correctly formatted commit message:
    >   ARTEMIS-123 Add new commit msg format to README
    >   Adds a description of the new commit message format as well as examples
    >   of well formatted commit messages to the  This is required 
    >   to enable developers to quickly identify what the commit is intended to 
    >   do and why the commit was added.


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