Hi all,

I've read the docs, I've looked at the source for s3Hook, and I've brute forced 
different combinations in my config file but I just can't get this working so 
I'm hoping someone can give me some insite.

I need my logs to go into s3 storage, but no matter how I configure it my s3 
bucket remains empty, and I never see any errors in my airflow scheduler or 
workers regarding issues connection, or that it's even attempted to connect.

Pip install airflow[s3]

Set up a connection in web UI called s3_conn, with type S3, and extra set to 
{"aws_access_key_id": "mykey", "aws_secret_access_key": "mykey"}

In airflow config I set the following
remote_base_log_folder = s3://bucket/  (I've tried with and without the 
trailing slash)
remote_log_conn_id = s3_conn
encrypt_s3_logs = False

Is there some other step that I'm missing?


Jason Kromm
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