Carrying on from the below. We believe it would be useful to have a number of 
additional configuration options for logs as below. Do you think there are any 
important options we have missed or do you have any other feedback? If so, 
please let us know.


Clears any handlers, inherited from the root logger, from the Airflow logger 
object and its children.


Turn on/off logging of all events to a file.

Turn on/off the logging of all errors to a file.

Turn on/off the logging of all events to the console.

Per log file
The Python logging library, being used for logging in the Airflow code, has the 
ability to rotate log files based on time:

•         TimedRotatingFileHandler - 
( - 
rotates based on the product of when and interval (see below).

The TimedRotatingFileHandler takes the following arguments:

 *   Filename – the filename
 *   When – used to specify the type of interval
 *   Interval – defines the interval
 *   BackupCount - If backupCount is nonzero, at most backupCount files will be 
kept, and if more would be created when rollover occurs, the oldest one is 
deleted. The deletion logic uses the interval to determine which files to 
delete, so changing the interval may leave old files lying around.
 *   Encoding - if encoding is not ‘None’, it is used to open the file with 
that encoding.
 *   Delay - if delay is true, then file opening is deferred until the first 
call to emit() – I don’t think this is suitable to expose as an Airflow 
configuration option.
 *   UTC - if the UTC argument is true, times in UTC will be used; otherwise 
local time is used.
I believe all of the above, except ‘delay’, should be exposed as Airflow 

Luke Maycock

From: Maycock, Luke
Sent: 13 October 2016 14:52
Subject: Airflow Logging

Hi All,

We (owlabs - fork: have a high 
level design for how to improve the logging throughout the Airflow code to be 
more consistent, maintainable and extensible. We'd really appreciate any 
feedback on the design.

Design for Consolidating Logging Setup:

 *   Create a Class in the utils\ to instantiate and handle setup of 
an "airflow" logger object. This allows us to easily find all setup code for 
further modification and extension in the future.
 *   This class would be where any general logging configuration (from 
Airflow.cfg) would be applied.
 *   Instantiate this class in this file, so that importing it allows easy 
control of the logging setup from anywhere else in the application.
 *   Move all setup of the logging in general to this class with easy to call 
control methods to turn forms of logging on and off (e.g. 
 *   Move any other helper functions related to logging that are still required 
into the utils\ so that we can easily find them for modification and 
extension in the future.
 *   Ensure that all logging throughout the application is done via the 
"airflow" logger object, or by a child of this logger object. This allows us to:
    *   Leave all settings of the root logger object alone, so that we are 
friendly to any parent or child processes that are not part of the application, 
allowing them to safely manage their own overriding logging setup.
    *   Modify the settings of logging throughout the entire application via a 
single simple point of control.

Luke Maycock

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