thanks Laura, this confirms what I am seeing exactly. Ben Tallman picked
Jira request so hopefully he can come up with something that won't be that

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Laura Lorenz <>

> I think the source of the confusion you're experiencing is that the UI is
> based off of the DAG definition file at time of webserver load, which I
> believe is on the one hand defensible since the scheduler operates in a
> somewhat similar way, but on the other hand rightfully confusing (and
> doesn't TOTALLY mimic scheduler activities so it's really the worst of both
> worlds IMHO). When you change the DAG definition file, you have to kick the
> webserver to pick up new graph/tree drawings. In the case of removing
> tasks, I think that if you queried the underlying metadata database
> directly, your 'table2' task instances would still exist, but the UI
> doesn't know that it should show them based on the DAG definition files it
> has on hand during webserver process reload.
> I have non-dynamic DAGs that when the DAG shape is changed dramatically by
> me (including removing tasks) I usually create an entirely new DAG (in
> practice this is changing the dag_id of the DAG object in the DAG
> definition file, for example 'my_dag' becomes 'my_dag_v2') so that there is
> no confusion of it being tied to previous history. If you choose to keep
> your previous DAG definition file ('my_dag') but have the scheduler for
> that DAG in the off state, and add in the new DAG in the on state
> ('my_dag_v2') the UI will render both as different DAGs and you can
> navigate through history with the UI as normal.
> This has been discussed as the preferred workaround for several different
> types of major DAG configuration changes (such as a start_date further in
> the past than the original version was configured for), but I'm not sure if
> anything has been going on (yet?) to redesign it in any way. I believe as
> mentioned it is basically a side effect of depending on the DAG definition
> files to draw graphs and trees as opposed to history.
> Sort of an aside but relevant if you are changing DAG shape with any
> frequency: We also see that when we add tasks to an existing DAG, what I
> will see is that the tree view/graph view will fill in the added task for
> all of history with the state 'no status'. If that DAG is set to have
> depends_on_past=True, this will actually clog up a new DagRun unless I do
> something to force the new task in the new DagRun that has no previous task
> instance history to execute regardless.
> On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 7:04 PM, Boris Tyukin <>
> wrote:
> > I opened a JIRA - looks like based on comments in other threads, it does
> > not work properly right now.
> >
> > [AIRFLOW-574] Show Graph/Tree view and Task Instance logs using executed
> > DagRun, not current
> >
> >
> >
> >

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