Dear all,
I am not super experienced with python, please bear with me! Since I was not 
able to find an existing MongoDB-Hook and Operator for airflow I decided to 
take things into my own hand. I found out that I need to define a Hook which 
inherits from the BaseHook and implements some functions. Then I would create 
an operator that uses this hook within a DAG and provide the db, collection and 
query to it in order to get the results back in my DAG.

When I put my custom hook into the "/home/airflow/airflow/plugins" folder the 
operator is not able to recognize the MongoDbHook-Class, also not when I put it 
into the “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/airflow/hooks” folder and restart 
all three airflow components.

I found this unanswered question, which is directly related to my question:!msg/airbnb_airflow/O_FLCzWaZf8/qYuj0GzpDAAJ

My questions:
(1) How does the development flow look like when developing a custom hook?
(2) Where do I put what in order for airflow to find it?
(3) Is the MongoDB-Hook planned for the future? If so, can you estimate when?


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