You could also try organizing a meet-up in the Boston area for Airflow and
see who signs up. That way, you'd get sense of the community size there.

We have meet-ups in Tokyo, Amsterdam, NYC, and the SF Bay Area currently...
Boston sounds like a reasonable next step.

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:23 PM, James Meickle <>

> Quantopian is aiming to switch over to Airflow over the course of this
> year, replacing our existing systems for ingesting financial data. I'll be
> at SREcon Americas this year, potentially with some of my coworkers; we're
> located in Boston, which doesn't seem to have many users yet, so we'd love
> to get to know some other users while we're on the west coast!
> It looks like we'll be missing the next Bay Area meetup, but perhaps some
> Airflow users will also be at SREcon?
> -James M.

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