Consider this my +1 (binding) vote for the below proposal. This vote will run 
for 7 days (until 2018-03-17 15:30+00)

**Proposal**: We switch to using GitHub as our primary repo

We would still use the Apache Jira for issue/release tracking etc.


The contributors will gain write access to 
This would mean we would be able to:

- merge directly on
- close stale issues
- be able to re-run Travis jobs (I think/hope)


Neither of these are likely to be a problem, but the possible downsides are:

- It is still possible to commit to the ASF repo, which if it happens can lead 
to "split brain" (i.e. different views of master) which will need INFRA team 
support to fix.

- Contributors will need to agree to Github terms of service. Given this is how 
PRs are reviewed currently this isn't a problem for any current contributors. 
Just worth mentioning.

If the vote passes we will need to:

- Update the airflow-pr tool to work directly on github, not ASF repos
- Update any docs that point to ASF repos 
(, - there 
might be more)
- Ensure all committers have access. There is an self-serve process for this 
(see below)
- Open a ticket with the INFRA queue asking them to migrate the repos. (An 
example of ticket from another Apache project that did this recently )

Contributor set up steps:

- Go to and ensure you have a github username entered in 
your profile. This will send an invite to join the Apache org on Github: accept 
- Go to and link the accounts

These steps can be done now no matter the outcome of the vote -- we just won't 
get write access to airflow unless we migrate.


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