Hi Kaxil,

As mentioned in the other post, we are working towards starting the 1.10 
release cycle (beta -> RC -> ga). We will only branch 1.10 when we have 
resolved all outstanding license issues (many headers need to be replaced with 
the full Apache license header) and remaining issues from the IPMC are closed. 
The issues are not large, but need to be picked up (see 1.10 thread).

This means we can’t give a date :-). But we are very close and you can 
bootstrap the process by picking one of the outstanding issues!

Some highlights (not exclusive) for the upcoming 1.10 release:

* New RBAC web interface in beta
* Timezone support
* First class kubernetes operator as a precursor to a kubernetes executor
* Documentation improvements 
* Performance optimizations for large DAGs 
* many GCP and S3 integration improvements
* many new operators
* many many many bug fixes 


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> Hi,
> Me & my friend at going to present on Apache Airflow on Cloud at PyData 
> London this month.
> Do we have a release data for Airflow 1.10 that I can announce there and 
> features it might include?
> Regards,
> Kaxil
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