Hi Folks!
Along with being a committer on Airflow, I'm also a co-chair for QCon. If
you are unfamiliar with it,  QCon is global family of
practitioner-conferences with annual events in SF, NY, London, Shanghai,
Beijing, and Sao Paolo. Ours is a "for senior architect/developer by expert
practitioner" conference. We steer clear of vendor and marketing pitches --
we invite speakers who build software. Most of our speakers are invited,
though we do find some gems through our CFP process. We cater to early
adopters and share stories that highlight the challenges of being first in
a market, open sourcing a new framework/language, tackling an old problem
with a new approach, handling immense scale/growth (in traffic, company
growth, or both), etc...

QCon SF <https://qconsf.com/>, which is Nov 5-7, has 18 tracks spread over
3 days, with 5 talks in each track. The talks are 50 minutes in length.

I'm currently running 2 data tracks:

   - https://qconsf.com/sf2018/track/emerging-trends-data-engineering
   - https://qconsf.com/sf2018/track/applied-ai-machine-learning

If you have an interesting use-case for Apache Airflow (e.g. in building ML
pipelines) and have some experience giving talks, email me directly. We
cover hotel stay at the Hyatt Regency (SF), provide a travel stipend, and
also provide most meals.


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