Hi Sunil,

I don't see this process running. I have never had to run this command
previously. Should it have started as part of the 'airflow webserver'
I ran it manually from the command line as 'airflow serve_logs &' (does not
have a daemon option I guess) but I am still not seeing logs in the ui. I
did verify with netstat that it is running on port 8793.

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> Check if the serve_logs process is running alongside your worker
> process(es). This is the process that takes the log files written to disk
> and serves them to the web UI. It should be running on port 8793 by default.
> Sunil
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> Hi All,
> I'm running airflow 1.10.0 and the ui isn't showing the task logs anymore.
> This has worked in the past so I'm not sure what changed. I was able to
> verify that the logs are definitely being written to the same local
> directory as what is specified in the airflow.cfg 'base_log_folder'. I
> don't see any errors or debug in the airflow-webserver.{out|err} logs. I
> tried restarting the process and it still doesn't work.
> Anyone know how I can track this down?
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> Frank Maritato
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