The DN does not need to authenticate as the "root" HDFS user to perform 
administrative tasks.  

A while back, we started an initiative to reduce the exposure of the HDFS 
"root" user due to security concerns.  In doing so, we tightened up where we 
distribute the HDFS keytab file. However since then some services need to 
create directories and change permissions on them as the HDFS root user upon 
installation; and thus, the keytab file is being distributed more than some 
security-conscious people would like.  Until we find a way to centralize the 
creation of these HDFS resources, we need to deal with this.  

You should not normally need the HDFS keytab file on DN hosts... are you having 
an issue? 


´╗┐On 4/4/18, 2:15 PM, "Di Li" <> wrote:

    Hi folks,
    I noticed hdfs.headless.keytab only exists on NameNode and HDFS client
    Could someone please share some details on why DN does not need the
    hdfs.headless.keytab ? I thought we need it in order for DN to work against
    Any negative impacts if I always include hdfs.headless.keytab on the DN
    nodes  (such as ensure HDFS client always cohost with DNs) ?
    Thank you.

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