The UI bits would be (as much as possible) saved for future work. The focus for 
this iteration would be something as simple as wrapping highlights in <mark> 

The localStorage details (or whatever) would need to be worked out as we go, 
but the intention would be to make it "upgradeable" by future 
they don't get lost even by folks simply demo'ing.

The primary objective is to get us coding together. :) And output something 
useful as a foundation.j

Thanks for the thoughts, Oliver! Keep us posted as you drive forward with!



From: Oliver Sauter <>
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 6:14:01 AM
Subject: Re: Proposing a path

> On 30 Nov 2016, at 16:33, Benjamin Young <> wrote:
> Hi friends!
> It's been quieter here than I (or the board report I need to write by the 
> weekend) would like it to be. :)
> I'd like to propose a path for us to take over the next 6 months to get this 
> incubating project on its feet, collaborating, coding, and creating content. 
> So. Here goes.
> First, we build a simple highlighter demo for Grade A Fancy web browsers 
> (i.e. the latest and greatest).
> The demo would:
>  - allow selection of text
>  - keep the highlight in localStorage as a Web Annotation Data Model document
>  - re-anchor the annotation (if possible) on page reload
I find this to be a good scope to go for - a minimal version that is capable of 
being integrated easily into other projects
(not without a self-interest here, I assume that we would implement it into the 
WorldBrain tool in the future)

Question being, how would we store it in local storage? just the simple storage 
as is or also think about a db?
Soon I will publish the datamodel for storing the webpages and their content in 
the PouchDB.
We may also talk about how to integrate one into the other, also as a use case 
for other integrations.

> We would use these libraries:
> -
> -
> -
> The demo would focus on the "drop in" script tag use case.
> In the end, this would (deliberately) not do very much. :) The point being, 
> we need to start somewhere, and this somewhere. ;)
> The actions beyond this deliberately-dumb-demo include:
> - creating/contributing a Web Extension that uses this code (I have one to 
> contribute)
> - creating/contributing a Web Annotation Protocol server that these 
> annotations could be published (I've also got code ready to go for this...or 
> we could rewrite in JS to keep things consistent)

Is there also other code we can reuse? Specifically UI compontents? Since 
Hypothesis now separated client from backend, we may could use their front end 
code and strip it down?

> - making this a useful enough demo to use across all 
> sites--starting with our own of course
> So. That's my minimal map. Discuss. ;)
> Cheers!
> Benjamin
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