Hi all!

First, thanks for being on this list and at least listening in to what happens 
here. ^_^ If you'd like to contribute, just click reply--it's an easy way to 
start. ;)

Second, I wanted to send an overview of what we've collectively accomplished 
over the last couple weeks:

  1.  Gerben will be joining us as a Committer! There's still some finalizing 
to do, but he's more than earned the...responsibility. ;) 
  2.  I Annotate was fabulous! Gerben, Randall, Jake (see the contributors link 
above), and myself were all in attendance and had a great time networking with 
various organizations and individuals building stuff with and for annotation. 
Some of it was open source, some of it should have been, and yet more of it is 
promised to be at some point. Many people expressed interest in using and even 
contributing to Apache Annotator, so hopefully that bodes well for our 
continued growth. :)
  3.  The Saturday after I Annotate the same four folks mentioned above got 
together for a small Apache Annotator hackathon. Our output includes:
 - shipping, pre-release 0.1.0-dev libraries to NPM! 
 - adding a demo to our site! http://annotator.apache.org/
 - added Web Annotation JSON-LD document validation to the code base 
 - and loads of API planning around how best to handle "all" the types of 
selectors when anchoring within the DOM (i.e. "not just text")

Lastly, I'd love to encourage anyone interested in participating here to say 
"hi," tell us about your annotation project, and what you need/want from the 
Apache Annotator project libraries and tools.

Thanks again for being here, and we all look forward to your contributions!





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