I think we should stick to Java5 as long as Ant 1.9.x is actively 
maintained.This keeps Ivy usable for both Ant 1.9.x and Ant 1.10.x
Or are there good reasons to increase the minimum Java version, like features 
that cannot be implemented with Java 5?
But since I don't have the time at the moment to be more active for the 
community, I will not block any decission made.
So my vote is -0.

      Van: Jan Matèrne <j...@materne.de>
 Aan: 'Ant Developers List' <dev@ant.apache.org> 
 Verzonden: vrijdag 19 mei 7:25 2017
 Onderwerp: [VOTE] Increase minimum Java version for Ivy to Java7
As discussed on this mailing list [1] we should increase the minimum Java
version [2] from current (Ivy-2.4.0) Java5 to Java 7 (Ivy-2.5.0).
Decisions whether to increase to Java8 after that release should be make
after that release.
According to the bylaws [3] this vote is open for one week (until

Here is my +1

[2] http://ant.apache.org/ivy/history/latest-milestone/compatibility.html
[3] http://ant.apache.org/bylaws.html

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