> Le 19 juin 2017 à 05:14, Jaikiran Pai <jai.forums2...@gmail.com> a écrit :
> We have (read only) github repos which back our main ASF git repos (consider 
> the github ant-ivy repo which is a read-only mirror of ASF git repo). Users 
> submit pull requests to our github repos and the process I follow for merging 
> such PRs is the “rebase” approach which looks something like this:
> - Fetch the PR locally (git fetch github pull/45/head:pr-45)
> - Checkout to that branch locally (git checkout pr-45)
> - Rebase that PR on top of latest ASF (upstream) repo (git rebase asf/master)
> - Run a short build, verify and push to ASF repo (git push asf pr-45:master)
> (assume 45 is the pull request id).
> So essentially, I rebase the commits from the PR on top of the latest master 
> and then push to the ASF repos. All this works fine and the ASF repos get 
> those changes. However, this doesn’t “close” the pull request on github.
> Apparently, the way to have the pull request closed is doing a actual “merge” 
> of the pull request commits into the ASF repo instead of rebasing the 
> commits. 
> Then the other approach, which isn’t that clean IMO, is to push a commit to 
> the ASF repo with a commit message which includes “This closes #X” where X is 
> the pull request id. The ASF github bot then notices this commit messages and 
> goes and closes the open PR. 
> I usually prefer the rebase approach (the one I outlined above) for dealing 
> with pull requests, since it gives a clean git commit tree. But clearly that 
> doesn’t have a way to close the PR. 
> Is there any preferred approach that we should follow with PRs?

I agree with the approach you have. I have been lazy though, I just use the 
command line suggested in the email notifications, which makes things quite 
straight forward.

I would just insist on trying to get the PR closed. Even if it may pollute the 
commit log, we should put the "This closes #X" message. And it can be viewed as 
a marker, just like we do with Jira. Also, we could make thing more explicit by 
specifying the full path of the github project: « closes apache/ant-ivy#123 ».
See the github documentation about it: 
> The other thing I had in mind, if we agree upon, is to have an enhancement 
> raised with the ASF infra team to allow adding some specific comment on the 
> open PR by a *committer* which then auto-closes the PR. Some comment like 
> “This PR is merged”.

I don’t think the ASF infra team can do something about it. The « This closes 
#x » is something that is supported by every github repository, this is not 
specific to the mirrored ASF repos.
Probably a simpler and better integration with github would be to make the PR 
tracker editable to ASF committers. And probably both github and asf teams have 
heard about that.


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