Sorry for the delay, I have been less attentive to ant stuff lately.

> Le 4 sept. 2017 à 10:51, Gintautas Grigelionis <g.grigelio...@gmail.com> a 
> écrit :
> Changing ids is not supposed to change navigation -- if it does, then we
> have a problem :-)
> I was only wondering if anybody uses these ids for styling, so that pages
> in Subversion or some other strange place would need retrofitting.
> I have not seen CSS escaping [1] anywhere (but maybe I don't know where to
> look :-) and I prefer KISS (whatever your opinion of the terrible
> JavaScript oneliner that does the job for IVY-450 ;-).

No objection to changing ids in the html.
And indeed if it changes the paths of the files then we must avoid it.

> Ditto about the bitmap icons (esp discovery and grippie).
> If there are no objections, should I go forward and merge PR-55 and -60? Or
> should I wait for input from Nicolas?

There are a lot of stuff in these PR. There are xml style formatting, there is 
the downgrade of asciidoctor, there is the svg stuff, there is list styling. 
You should really try to separate stuff. It gets then easier to review and the 
things get committed faster.
For instance, a commit just about xml formatting could be pushed right away, 
there is nothing much to comment or review.
For other stuff you are unsure of and you require some review, juste create a 
branch dedicated to it from master. If while being reviewed other commits get 
onto master, a rebase of the branch will fix it nicely.

About downgrading asciidoctor, I have no objection either. If you are blocked 
by it and you think it is not related to your environment, then let’s downgrade 
it. We will upgrade it later once we’ll figure out what is going wrong.

> Then, I guess http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/ant/site/ivy/sources/style
> should change to the new unified style.css from asciidoc…

The site has not been migrated to asciidoc yet, so the generated html is not 
the same. So we still must keep the css separated.


> Gintas
> [1] https://mathiasbynens.be/notes/css-escapes
> 2017-09-04 7:36 GMT+02:00 Jan Matèrne (jhm) <apa...@materne.de>:
>> This would break BC of the website ...
>> Ok, I am joking. This is daily business with websites ;)
>> I think we dont even need a 301-permantent-redirect and following the W3C
>> recommendations would be fine.
>> Jan
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>>> Betreff: IVY-450
>>> I started looking at IVY-450 (highlight current menu) and realized that
>>> menu ids break W3C recommendations by containing "/" like "xooki-
>>> ivyfile/dependency-conf". I'd like to change the URL transformation so
>>> that the generated ids would contain double hyphen like "xooki-ivyfile-
>>> -dependency-conf". Any objections/alternatives?
>>> TIA, Gintas
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