Recently a couple of bugs have been reported around mapped resources where we end up in NullPointerExceptions in various places[1][2]. As noted in [1], it needs a fix at a central place and I think I was able to fix the root cause as part of this commit[3] that I did an hour or so back. However, there's a specific test case[4] in our antunit test suite which expects a BuildException to be thrown as part of copy task. That test was introduced long back as part of [5] to test another similar NPE. I think with the change I now have, it no longer reaches this place in the code where the Copy task would end up getting a null from a mapper, because various other utility classes already handle this contract and skip that resource. As such, the test completes cleanly without any NPE and without copying anything, however given that we do expect a build failure exception to be thrown, this test is now failing [6].

I need some inputs on how we should go about this specific change/test? Should this test continue to expect a exception or is it fine to expect that target to complete cleanly (without copying anything)?








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