Github user twogee commented on the issue:
    Sorry, my reasoning took the wrong turn, must be the heat 😦Yes, passing 
qualified attributes to XmlReportWriter is the way to go.
    I wonder what was the reason for using "extra-" hack? I assume it was 
conceived as a way to avoid dealing with with random namespaces in the XML 
report. If it makes sense to continue with that, a way to encode the namespace 
prefix must be figured out.
    That means one should look at the permitted characters in the [XML 
Specification]( and try to figure out 
a separator such that from a name constructed as  
"extra<separator><namespace-prefix><separator>-<name>" a namespace prefix and a 
name could be extracted unambiguously.
    I propose using something like ".-_-." as a separator since it is unlikely 
to occur in any namespace prefixes for extra attributes describing Ivy 
artifacts (if somebody does that, it must be on purpose and thus an attempt to 
shoot oneself in the foot). Or should we rather deal with namespaces in XML 
    P.S. You're right about the Jira issue, please add it to the name of the PR 
(and eventually to the commit name). 


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