While working on the documentation of the junitlauncher task, for fork
support, I realized that when we first released this task, due to an
oversight, I did not add support for setting system properties or
environment variables through this task. The fork element now supports
that[1] in the upcoming release, so that the forked JVM can be
configured with system properties and/or environment variables.

I am thinking of adding this support for even non-forked execution, like
junit task does. However, I would like some inputs on whether such
support for setting the system properties in a non-forked execution
should be at the junitlauncher task level or whether it should be
configured within each <test> and <testclasses> level. Or should we
allow it to configured at the task level as well as the individual
<test>/<testclasses> level?

junit task currently does it only at the task level.



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