Hi Stefan,

On 09/12/18 3:18 PM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On 2018-12-05, <jaiki...@apache.org> wrote:
>> Repository: ant
>> Updated Branches:
>>   refs/heads/master ac46ff190 -> 593aff2d2
>> bz-62952 Make AntClassLoader multi-release jar aware when it deals with 
>> java.util.jar.JarFile
> An alternative approach to using reflection when creating the JarFile
> instance would be to create different AntClassLoader instances. We did
> so for Java 2.x and Java 5.x respectively when the baselines were 1.1 or
> anything lower than 1.5.
> https://github.com/apache/ant/commit/17527b6490851a728623c1dcbf5078cc63a982dd
> is the commit where I reverted the logic for the Java5 specific
> classloader after Java5 became the baseline.

I did check it out before going with this approach. I decided to go with
this approach because at this point, for just this change, this looked a
bit more simpler than having to introduce the new classloader which then
would have to use the new Java 9 JarFile API at compile time and would
involve build file updates.
> I'm not sure it makes any difference right now but can imagine the
> classloader will have to learn some additional tricks for module support
> in the future.

Agreed, I haven't yet checked what more will be expected of classloader
post Java 9 but if it looks like better approach to lay the ground work
and create a new classloader instead of this reflection approach, I am
open to it.


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