Lewis: Jira issue ANY23-306 remains open because the web pages for
the current release (2.0) have not been corrected.

This Jira issue has two components:
1. The any23 Core component is not available on the download page.
2. The URL for "WAR packages with dependencies" is incorrect on the
download page.

I have corrected the URL in the git source, and with an update to a
more recent JDK version, the core components will build on my
desktop. So I assume that these problems will not occur in the next

I want to help correct the 2.0 webpage that is available to the
general public. Can you point me to the procedure to follow to do so?

Some background: I am interested in the any23 project as a teaching
tool. The availability of the Core release was very useful in this
regard, as it was easy to instruct information science students (with
mixed backgrounds and experience with software) on how to install and
use it. So I think it important that the 2.0 version provide the Core


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