Hi everyone!

There are only 8 issues remaining in the Any23 codebase with the
designation of "Bug": ANY23-322, ANY23-345, ANY23-67, ANY23-330, ANY23-251,
ANY23-132, ANY23-154, and ANY23-159.

These issues could be potentially thorny, so I'm hoping more people will
jump in and help knock them out, or at least, let's start discussing them!

In particular, Lewis, you reported three of them: ANY23-159, ANY23-251, and
ANY23-322, and were actively involved in discussing three more: ANY23-154,
ANY23-132, and ANY23-67. Any update on the status of those?

It would also be cool to release version 2.3 first, and then defer these 8
bugs to version 2.4.


On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 12:44 AM, Hans Brende <firedrak...@gmail.com> wrote:

> +1 for a swift next release!
> Nice work on those 8 issues everyone.
> Side question: does anyone have any idea why the any23.org server is
> returning a 500 Internal Server Error? Could it have something to do with
> the OpenIE stuff we added? We should probably get that fixed before the
> next release.
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 6:01 PM, lewis john mcgibbney <lewi...@apache.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I am very happy to see more use of the Any23 codebase and I encourage
>> anyone to step up and essentially learn the release management process.
>> Right now we have addressed some 8 issues, which could merit a new
>> release... I would have no issues with that.
>> We have a GSoC project hopefully coming up this summer again so I think
>> things are looking up for Any23 moving forward.
>> Lewis
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>> http://home.apache.org/~lewismc/
>> http://people.apache.org/keys/committer/lewismc

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