Hi All,

This issue occurs when we try to insert records in a table which has a lot
of data.
The setup method of JdbcPOJOInsertOutputOperator generates the metadata of
the columns in the table. To do so it fires a query of the form "Select *
from tablename" and the extracts the required meta data like column
name,data type and if it allowed to be NULL.
When the table has a lot of data this "Select" query takes up a lot of time
(more than 30 sec) and the operator gets killed.
The fix is straight forward and simple as suggested by Sandeep is to limit
the maximum rows returned by the select query to 1. I am using the JDBC
function setMaxRows() to achieve this.
Will be opening a PR for the same. This fix won't have corresponding unit
test cases and I will test the changes externally via an app.

Hitesh Kapoor

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