Malte von der Lancken-Wakenitz wrote:
Hello Joachim

Thank you VERY much for replying!

I tried the SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen

As you said it looks different, both from the shell and my swing app. But
the problem remains...

Two days ago I deployed it via WebStart (a different tale :-) on windows
and it works fine!

I am currently on 64 bit SUSE with KDE window manager and gtk2. (x86
Fedora Core 3 has the same problem though). The GNOME one does not work at
My Java code is identical for Linux and Windows.

What I find strange is that nobody else has reported a similar issue.
To narrow down the problem you could try to embed the OOoBean in an AWT Java Window and see if there is the same problem or if its only a swing problem. There currently is an unsolved problem with focus handling and GNOME/GTK.

How do I start to debug something like this...
Hard to say. Fact is that Java, the window toolkit, OOo and the OOoBean are involved.

Could it have to do with the way I initialise the entire swing/AWT/XWindow
component hierarchy?
I cannot answer this. There could be diverse causes.

BTW, is the cursor displayed in the OpenOffice Conponent Window a "system
cursor", or managed entirely by OpenOffice?
Most probably it is managed by OOo.

The two cursors have different

Can I send any additional information privately (if this thread goes
stale) should it become available?
Please stay on this list.
What you could do is:
-strip the application down (as far as possible, but the problem must be reproducible)
-open an issue with Issuezilla
-attach the application, source code (must be buildable), and concrete build and run instructions.

Then you can always refer to this issue in further discussion and interested people could investigate this example. Maybe there is still someone subscribed to the list who has already some experience with swing+OOoBean.


Thanks again hugely for answering.


Malte von der Lancken

Malte von der Lancken-Wakenitz wrote:

The reason may be that there is a problem with Java + OOo + GTK. To find
out if this is the case set the environment variable SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN
to "gen" in a shell and start OOo from this shell. OOo should then look
different. Close the office and run your Java app from this shell and
see if the problem still exists.


Hello again

I posted this a few weeks ago (different subject line).

I have embedded the OfficeBean (2.0.2 and 2.0.3) in a Java Swing
application (1.5.0_02, 1.5.0_04 and 1.6.0) under Suse 10, Fedora Core 3
and Windows and have consistently had FOCUS problems. The XFrame's
ContainerWindow grabs the focus and never releases it. Only removing the
LocalOfficeWindow and adding it again will allow me to transfer focus to
Swing component. In fact I can focus a swing component, but the XFrame's
ContainerWindow also remains focused resulting in TWO flashing cursors
obviously messed up key handling.

I am aware of Swing's Lightweight component issues when embedding native
windows. But surely this is not supposed to result in TWO cursors. I
no such problems when embedding a mozilla browser (1.7.12) in the same

I have spent a month on this and it is delaying deployment of a project.

Has ANYONE else had this or a similar problem? Any feedback would be
HUGELY appreciated.

Kind regards


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