Fernand Vanrie wrote:
I found on the forum also working code to link to Basiclibraries stored outside a doc but with a troubling comment from the author : "I was also having trouble packing & repacking the macros into the document (they have to be outside the document to be CVS diff'd)" ???

do that mean that there can not been linked (with the API) to libraries stored in a Document ?

No, I don't think so. CVS is a revision tracking system. Since .od? files are generally zipped, CVS would likely treat them as binaries. If you want to be able to do a cvs diff on your macros, then you'd need to store the text of the macros outside the .od? file so that cvs can track the changes line by line. Ditto, the content of the .od? file.

CVS does not handle binary files all that well and runs a fairly good chance of completely mucking them up unless you give it special configuration for handling them.

It sounds like the poster in the forum is talking about issues with storing OOo documents in a cvs repository with that comment.

Zipped archive file formats are not very conducive to inclusion in revision control software. (Neither are directory bundle formats, though they're easier to work with.)


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