Hi Peter

Peter Eberlein wrote:
Shreyas Ganesh schrieb:
I have a word document which I have converted to ODT format, using java
converter api (jodconverter).
I want to retrieve the text, from content.xml and also the positional
information of the different words in the document.
I am able to retrieve the text but the coordinates of the words are not
directly available.

The position depends on the output device, you can get the position of your XTextRanges by jumping to them with the XViewCursor.
The cursor gives you the x,y coordinates and the page number (XPageCursor).

Interesting, thanks for your post. You're speaking about ::com::sun::star::view::XViewCursor and com::sun::star::text::XPageCursor, right? I'm obviously missing something, because I can't find where these interfaces offer the x, y coordinates.



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