Frank Schönheit - Sun Microsystems Germany wrote:
Hi Fernand,
Frank S. adviced me to use XDatabaseDocumentUI.loadComponent, instead of loadComponentFromURL with the particular advantage that loadComponentFromURL, does not require the active connection, but calculates it itself. so i tryed this code:

oDB = stardesktop.loadComponentFromURL( getDatabaseDocument("DBName").URL, "_Blank", 0, array() ) REM "getDatabaseDocument" are a serie of Functions I picked from Drew Jenssen wait 1000
REM here i have a normal opened DBdocument
oForm = oDB.CurrentController.loadComponent(,"FormName",FALSE) REM here i run in a Execption telling that "No connection to the Database exist"

XDatabaseDocumentUI also has a method "connect" :)

So your question suggests the connection should be done automatically in
the loadComponent implementation ... Hmm. Have to think about this.
Please tell me: Gives XDatabaseDocumentUI faster, better, saver connection than the old stuff ??


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