Addendum :
Attribute AlwaysOnTop does not work (at least on Windows XP).

Finally I found out what is the argument of gotoBookmark : it's simply the name of the Draw page (i.e. the name of the slide). At least the description in the IDL should state this instead of "goto the given textual bookmark"


Message de Bernard Marcelly  date 2009-01-08 11:22 :
Hello, is still in unpublished state in the latest SDK. This interface has interesting features, many working but some do not work in DEV300m37.
Is it useful to create issues ?

Changing the value of attribute MouseVisible does not change the visibility.

Changing the value of UsePen or PenColor has visible effect only after you change slides, which is not practical. Example in Basic:

Dim pc As Object, coul As String
pc = ThisComponent.Presentation.Controller
if IsNull(pc)  then Exit Sub ' slideshow not running
coul = RGB(150,50,0) ' brown
pc.UsePen = True
' workaround to make the pen write, and use the correct color

There is a method gotoBookmark. What is a bookmark in Impress? I could not make it work.

Method stopSound does not stop a transition sound.


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