Hi Albert,

I've debugged your problem and found out (as I've already mentioned) that some detection services dont work correctly in case pure input stream is provided only .-)

An issue was filed by me so you can track if and when it will be fixed.


Hi Andreas,

I tried "MS Word 2007 XML", but that didn't help.
So I'm willing to add extra hints.  Though I'm a bit confused as to how I would 
set the MIME type information.  How do I do so?  And
what should it be set to?

ps: I wish to use "XinputStream"s so that I may load from memory and avoid 
going to disk.  It is a security requirement of the
end-product.  I would love to load files from URL and save myself the hassle of 
XInpuStream (and late XOutputStream).  :)


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