Hello List People,


I'm completely new to the OOo UNO API, and I have been completely
unsuccessful in finding info on adding motion path animations to an XShape
in Impress. I was told (in IRC) that it involves querying the
com::sun::star::animations::XAnimationNodeSupplier interface from a page in
my document, then somehow adding SMIL nodes to the root node through that,
but to be honest I don't understand how to do that at all.


Could someone please shed some light on this subject for a complete newbie
like myself? Example code that adds a motion path animation to a shape would
be most helpful, but I'll take whatever I can get right now!


Thanks in advance,




PS: Here's some of the code that I have right now - it's not much, and I
don't know where to go from here:


// get the page

XDrawPage p = PageHelper.getDrawPageByIndex(theDocument, 0);

// get the AnimationNodeSupplier

XAnimationNodeSupplier ans =
ss, p);

// now get the AnimationNode from the supplier... but what do I do with it?

XAnimationNode an = (XAnimationNode)ans.getAnimationNode();

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