Hi *,

I've been playing with the "new" (since 3.0) table shape.
Besides the missing IDL documentation 
(http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=98458), some things don't 
seems to work as I would have expected.

Testing with the following code:

Sub TableShapeDemo
        Dim oDoc as Object
        oDoc = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(_
                        "private:factory/sdraw", "_default", 0, Array())
        Dim oDrawPage as Object
        oDrawPage = oDoc.getDrawPages().getByIndex(0)
        Dim oTableShape as Object
        oTableShape = oDoc.createInstance("com.sun.star.drawing.TableShape")
        Dim aSize as New com.sun.star.awt.Size
        aSize.Width = 10000
        aSize.Height = 8000
        Dim aPos as New com.sun.star.awt.Point
        aPos.X = oDrawPage.Width / 2 - aSize.Width / 2
        aPos.Y = oDrawPage.BorderTop
        oTableShape.UseBandingColumnStyle = False   
        oTableShape.UseBandingRowStyle = True   
        oTableShape.UseFirstColumnStyle = True   
        oTableShape.UseFirstRowStyle = True   
        oTableShape.UseLastColumnStyle = False   
        oTableShape.UseLastRowStyle = True   

        Dim oTableModel as Object, oTableTemplate as Object
        'accessible only once added to the draw page!
        'oTableModel = oTableShape.getPropertyValue("Model")
        'oTableTemplate = oTableShape.getPropertyValue("TableTemplate")
        oTableModel = oTableShape.getPropertyValue("Model")
        oTableTemplate = oTableShape.getPropertyValue("TableTemplate")
        Dim oTableStyles as Object, oStyle as Object
        oTableStyles = oDoc.getStyleFamilies().getByName("table")
        If oTableStyles.hasByName("orange") Then
                oStyle = oTableStyles.getByName("orange")
                oStyle = oTableStyles.getByIndex(0)
        End If
        oTableShape.setPropertyValue("TableTemplate", oStyle)
        Dim oRows as Object
        Dim oColumns as Object
        'I couldn't find an easier way to instantiate the TableShape
        'and initialize it with n rows and n columns...
        oRows = oTableModel.getRows()
        oColumns = oTableModel.getColumns()
        While oTableModel.ColumnCount < 6
                oColumns.insertByIndex(0, 1)
        While oTableModel.RowCount < 8
                oRows.insertByIndex(0, 1)
End Sub

* I haven't found a simple way to instantiate the TableShape and indicate the 
number of row and columns. The css.text.XTextTable has initialize() for this; 
for the TableShape, it seems [==there is no documentation] that one has to 
access a read-only property named Model, which is accessible only once the 
shape is added to the DrawPage. This property gives you a css.table.XTable 
reference, you can use it to insert rows and columns

* if the previous is the way to initialize/insert rows/columns, the result is 
rather ugly: while in the css.text.XTextTable adding row and columns does keep 
some harmonic order in the table geomerty (width and hight of rows, columns, 
table), the method I use in the example creates a table quite useless, and it 
seems one has to fix the columns and rows size [if this is possible at all, i 
didn't test it yet]

* table styles may have some issues: I try adding one, just like we do with 
every other style family, but crashed

If anyone has time to play with it, please report back your findings.

Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina

"Aus der Kriegsschule des Lebens
                - Was mich nicht umbringt,
        macht mich härter."
                Nietzsche Götzendämmerung, Sprüche und Pfeile, 8.

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