On 08/09/10 08:29, Marek Kliś wrote:
When I try store large Impress document (created in ooBean) by method
storeToStream I've got an exception:
com.sun.star.lib.uno.environments.remote.JobQueue.removeJob -
I try storeToURL too.
But sometimes file saves OK although exception occurs.

Presentation consists of many pictures - jpeg and png (about 10MB).
If I try store small presentation - everything is OK.

I guess you are stumbling over a definitive mis-feature of the Bean: It uses a com.sun.star.comp.beans.CallWatchThread class to interrupt threads that take very long to make remote UNO calls into OOo (nOOoCallTimeOut = 3000 millisec in bean/com/sun/star/comp/beans/OOoBean.java), on the assumption that OOo hangs and needs to restart.

My suggestion would be to stay away from the Bean.  :(


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