the plugin development is stalled at the moment but the current version works also with NB 6.9. The problem is that the update center doesn't make it available automatically, we have to test it officially and have signal that everything is ok. I will try to make it available asap.

There is a problem with the plugin on MacOS Leopard where Java 64bit is the default. It's a 64bit versus 32bit problem and the UNO type browser from within the plugin doesn't work. We are looking into the problem ...

I will also make the latest plugin available in the file section of the api project where you download and install it into NB 6.9 for example.

Volunteers who areinterested to improve the plugin are always welcome and can contact me directly.


On 8/10/10 3:14 PM, Irné Barnard wrote:
Since after NetBeans 6.5 the OOo plugin was "unavailable" from the
normal plugin manager.

There was a new version made last year for NetBeans 6.7

However, I've just checked on my NetBeans 6.7.1 ... the installed plugin
is version 2.0.6. And I simply cannot remember where I got that version.
Googling just gives some discussions about it. I can't find the NBM file.

Anyhow, the wiki documentation is way old. Maybe it's time to at least
update it as version 2.0.5 worked on 6.7 - but the documentation simply
states there's no addon at all.

How this plugin works with 6.9.1 I don't know. Haven't tried it yet as
it's only a few weeks old, I tend to not get the absolute latest.

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