I do have some macros, which will start on events (for example "document
close") or with user-action (menu-button).

Those macros presents dialogs and the user can do some inputs and so on.

Now it is possibel, to start the marco several times (i.e. close two
documents in a very short time, click twice on a start-Button, if the
dialog-Window is only "visible", not started with "execute").

Now I am looking for a possibility to check first, if the macro is still
running - and do then an "exit sub".

My first intent was, to check, if the dialog-window is still open and
identify this frame using the frames-title.

so I create an enumeration
oComp = stardesktop.getComponents.createEnumeration

but I only get the main components - so i.e. the writer-frame.

So, how can I identify my dialog-frames or is there another possibility
to identify, if my marco is still running?

Thanks for any hints.

Best regards

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