On 18/10/2010 14:55, Malte Timmermann wrote:
> The Undo actions could have pointers to some data which doesn't exist
> anymore, and the extension can't remove the actions from the
> UndoManager. Avoiding pointers could mean making the Undo actions more
> "expensive" (memory, time). For example, Writer and EditEngine simply
> keep Paragraph* when paragraphs are being deleted completely.

this is probably one of the reasons why using Undo/Redo in writer is the
fastest way to crash OOo...
using bare pointers to objects that are not owned by the Undo action is a
horrible idea.
making copies of data is an acceptable overhead of an Undo implementation
that actually _works_.

[oh, and what you said is not actually true for paragraphs, but lots of
other stuff]

"That's what C++ is all about: the development of your ethical judgment.
 Everybody can tell good from bad; choosing between the ugly and the
 disgusting takes real wisdom." -- Yossi Kreinin

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